Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sew What: Vintage Sheet = Circle skirt

 I started sewing again! I made this skirt for Hannah from a vintage sheet using this pattern. Hannah is 7 and very tall. I think we have finally exhausted all the clothing options for her size. It seems all that is available or affordable in our area over size 5 is dripping with glitter, sheer or too mature for a 7 year old. Her school has a very strict dress code that doesn't even allow sleeveless shirts -this pretty much limits summer shirt options to graphic tee shirts. Time to get creative!

 This thrifted sash was the perfect shade of red and matched the ric rac perfectly.

 Pretty Target notebooks for sketching more clothing designs.

 A work in progress...Hannah can't wait!
I got 11 patterns this week for a quarter each! Oh the possibilities!


  1. I just found your website today and I love it!! I'm actually not much into vintage decorating and clothing, but I love your photography skills and reading your posts!!
    And I love seeing what you put together to wear to church. :-)
    Keep up the great work!!


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