Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rough Around The Edges: Thrifted Twin Beds

Funny story. I made a solemn promise to myself back at the end of April that I would save all of my ETSY SHOP profits instead of spending them on peter pan collar shirts from And my friend Christy held me accountable like the pal that she is ;)
I have been pining for two matching twin size Jenny lind beds since the beginning of time since I was pregnant with Sophie and there was just no way I was going the $500 Land Of Nod route. I did luck out once at a thrift shop where I bought one for $10 but I have never been able to find a matching second. That was over 2 years ago. Then I found them here at of all places! So I waited and waited checked and put them in my cart everyday like some kind of obsessive weirdo. (Come on you know you do it too!) And in no time I had earned more than enough to pay for both beds. But the very negative and small amount of reviews made me skeptical. And the more I thought about one of my girls snapping a sprindle off those $239.00 beds the more apprehensive I became.


A "good blogger" would wait to show you a "before" pic when there is an "after" to go with it. Sorry I'm not that blogger. Ha!
 I got a matching pair of these for only $10 each! Painted white they will be perfect for my girl's shared bedroom.
 As you can see they are a little rough around the edges. More than a little really... but nothing some wood putty, sandpaper, primer and paint can't fix. And the good thing about furniture like this is that if I want to replace it or trade up in the future I don't have alot of money invested and I won't feel bad about it.
 I am guessing at the age of these beds. Based on their style I estimate them to be from between 1930 and 1950. There is this stamp on the back of one of the headboards. If you have any idea what this means I'd love to hear it!
I have been plotting and plotting and pinning and pinning. I think I have a pretty solid design in mind for my girls' bedroom now but all the awesomeness will have to wait until after vacation.

Lets just say it involves one of these colors on the wall...The curiously strong and yes, trendy mint green seafoam or whatever.
These jaw dropping accent tables ( Because WOW!)
From Here (Seriously where else?!)
And this HUGE picture of a fawn. Because deer are the most adorable creatures on the earth according to my girls. Dear Deer.


I can't wait to really get it all together for them. In theory I love decorating but I don't think it loves me! haha


  1. A quick Google search of the stamp suggests that it stands for "Federal Public Housing Authority." The time frame you indicated seems right on.

  2. Oh my word! GAH! I love those side tables and the twin beds? ? I can't wait to see the reveal!

  3. Hi there those look like the beds we had when we lived in Military student housing. The apartments came fully furnished with retro 1950's furniture, and was gorgeous! We were stationed in New York but we also saw the same furniture in apartments in other parts of the country! What a history those beds have.


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